Top 5 Storage Hacks for Your Favorite Holiday Decorations

We all know that one of the most annoying things about Christmas time is getting all the decor out of storage! That’s why we have come up with five easy ways to store your decorations so that next year, it’s less of a struggle.

1. Store your Christmas baubles in egg cartons! This will keep them safe and sound during the next twelve months.

2. Cut a large square of cardboard and use it to wrap your holiday lights around. This way, they won’t tangle! You can also label whether the lights are from the tree, house, outside, etc.

3. Store your Christmas wreaths with ease. Place them in a drawstring trash bag, and hang them up in the garage.

4. Did you get a lot of wine this Christmas? Great! Use the box to store your leftover wrapping paper.

5. If you love bead garlands but HATE tangles, then simply put them in an old water bottle! This will keep them under control while out of use.

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