Five Ways to Ease Thanksgiving stress

Striving for perfection on Thanksgiving is guaranteed to bring you stress. Your family won’t mind about a messy kitchen, traditional dishes, and helping out when it comes to dishwashing. But if you want a truly stress-free Thanksgiving, read our top 5 tips.

1 - Set a simple table

If you have some favorite dishes and cutlery that HAVE to be out for Thanksgiving, go you! Maybe this year, set them out the night before so that you aren’t rushing around on Thanksgiving day. The table doesn’t have to be elaborate - sometimes, simple is best as it lets the food stand out.

2 - Prepare as much as possible ahead of time

So many of your dishes can be prepared ahead of time - so if you have time, prepare a couple one or two days before. This prep time will save you so much stress!

3 - Your family can help out

Just because you are hosting, doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Pick your favorite dish, and prepare that - and ask others to help with the rest!

4 - Take moments to breathe throughout the day

These little pauses will help you appreciate the day, feel calmer, and more aware. It’s important not to get overwhelmed.

5 - Your appetizers can be simple!

You don’t want everyone to fill up on the snacks before the main event! But, also because they don’t have to be. The main event is the Turkey - so focus on that.

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