Five MOW Tips for a Zenful Holiday Season!

A common problem with Christmas is a lack of planning. ❤️ So at Metro’s Other Woman, we thought we’d share our best planning tips to help you beat the stress.

Here are the TOP FIVE things to plan ahead for this holiday!

1 - Your guest list! Who are you welcoming into your home, whether virtually or IRL, this season? Make sure they have a comfy space prepared.

2 - Your menu! Think ahead about everyone’s diets and preferences. Remember to include your favorites too.

3 - Your casseroles! Make sure mom’s mac and cheese is in the freezer before the holiday rush hits at work and you get too busy.

4 - Shopping! We advise that you hit the stores early and fill up your online shopping cart now so that you stay ahead of any out of stock items.

5 - YOU TIME. Between all the prepping, it’s important you find time to relax. What gives you that zenful feeling this holiday season? Make sure to plan that in too.

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