Packing By Room

Moving doesn't have to be stressful!

Metro's Other Woman is here to make it easy for you. Check out our master how-to list for packing each room of your home. No time or desire to do it yourself - our Chaos Coordinator's can do it for you!


Hazardous Materials

- Oils, paints, cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, etc... Find a way to move items yourself, use them up , or properly dispose of them prior to your move.

Gas-Powered Equipment

- Drain the fuel

- Put protective covers on chain saws, lawn mowers blades + grills

- Remove detachable parts + pack separately.

- Secure non-detachable parts safely in place.

Power Tools

- Remove any detachable parts from the power tools. Pack in a strong cardboard box.

- Wrap the tools with bubble wrap or old towels.

- Pack in original boxes or boxes with similar sizes.

Hand Tools

- Pack hand tools in their original tool boxes

- Group hand tools according to size and purpose. Pack in a medium sized box.

Garden Tools

- Wrap blades + sharp-edged tools in bubble wrap + use heavy duty tape to secure together.

Lawn + Deck Furniture

- Remove decorative cushions and pack them in separate boxes or garbage bags.

- Clean the furniture. Wrap in old blankets + use plastic wrap or packing tape to keep the wrapping in place. Place hardware in seal-able bags + tape to furniture.

- Wash patio umbrellas + let dry. Collapse and use plastic wrap to pack.


China and Glassware

- Wrap each individual plate in packing paper or stack kitchen dishes one overt the other + wrap in bubble wrap.

- Pack in a sturdy, properly cushioned box and add plenty of crumpled paper in the carton to prevent the plates form the shifting during transit.

- Pack your most delicate + expensive plates in specialized dish boxes.

- Put a final layer of packing paper over the plates before shutting the box.

- Seal the box + mark as FRAGILE.

Lamps + Chandeliers


- Remove light bulbs + shades, wrap cords and wires around base of the lamp and place each lamp base into a small moving box with plenty of cushioning inside.

- Wrap lamp shades in soft packing paper or bubble wrap. Stack from largest to smallest and place in a sturdy moving box + fill with crumpled paper or bubble wrap.


- Unhook your chandelier + disassemble as much as possible and wrap the detached components in packing paper. Be careful to not lose smaller fastening elements.

- place the chandelier upright in a heavy duty moving box. Use packing peanuts, bubble wrap or foam sheets to immobilize the lighting fixture in the moving container. Place a protective layer of large size bubble wrap on top of the large box and seal tightly.

- Write FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE on at least three of its sides.

Painting + Photographs

- Use painters tape to make a big "X" on the glass surface of a framed picture. This will keep cracked or broken pieces in place if your item gets damaged during transit.

- Wrap every painting & photo with soft packing paper and use packing take to secure edges.

- Add a layer of bubble wrap over the paper wrapped photo.

- Place the bundle in a suitable transportation box and add crumpled paper, packing peanuts or foam sheets into the corners and sides.

- Label the box as FRAGILE and write any specific handling instructions on 3-4 sides of the box.


- Dining Table: Detach the tables legs and wrap them in bubble wrap. Remove the table extension leaf and wrap it in a moving blanket. Fold large pieces of corrugated cardboard around the edges and corners of the table for extra safety. Cover tabletop with moving blankets. If your table has a glass top, separate it from the base and wrap it in packing paper and bubble wrap.

- Chairs: Wrap the arms and legs of your dining chairs with bubble wrap. Protect the upholstered sets and backs with stretch wrap.



- Wrap each individual plate in packing paper or stack kitchen dishes one over the other separated by paper plates or Styrofoam and wrap them in bubble wrap.

- Pack dishes in sturdy, properly cushioned boxes and add crumpled paper to prevent plates from shifting.

- Wrap teacups, coffee cups, mugs, soup bowls, gravy bowls, sauce containers, pitchers and other similar items individually with packing paper.

- Nest bowls inside one another and wrap them in two layers of newspaper or bubble wrap.

- Place cups upside down in the moving box with their handles facing the same direction.

- For drinking glasses, stuff with crumpled paper and wrap the stems with bubble wrap. Wrap every individual glass in soft packing paper and arrange the glasses in a moving box upright with mouths facing down.

- We suggest using a cell divider for your more expensive glasses.

- For all breakable dishes, label the box with FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE.

Pots & Pans:

- Put a large pot or pan on the bottom of a well cushioned box. Place a paper towel or foam sheet in it and put a smaller pot or pan inside. Continue to nest until the box is full.

- If any pots have glass lids, wrap them separately in a protective layer of bubble wrap pack into the same box.

- Add sufficient cushioning inside the box to prevent movement.

Cutlery + Silverware:

- Sort kitchen utensils and flatware by type and size. Wrap sets of 6-8 forks or spoons of the same length together in a sheet of bubble wrap or packing paper. Tape the bundle and place in a small sturdy box together with other similar packages.

- Wrap kitchen knives in thick towels or several layers of bubble wrap.


- Put in small boxes lying flat or standing upright with their open parts facing the box sides.

Small Kitchen Appliances:

- Make sure your mixers, blenders, toasters, coffee makers and other small kitchen appliances are clean and dry. Remove any detachable parts and wrap them separately. Pack in study boxes and fill up any caps in the boxes with packing peanuts.

Large Kitchen Appliances:

- Empty and clean your large kitchen appliances a couple days before your move.

- Secure appliance doors so that they don't get opened during transit.

- Tape cables and hoses to the item.

- Wrap the entire piece in moving blankets to prevent damage. Use plastic wrap to secure the wrapping.


Beds and Mattresses:

- Remove any bedding and pack in a large plastic bag.

- Pack your mattress in a mattress bag.

- Take apart your bed as far as it will go. Remove the legs and the headboard and take apart the bed frame. Be sure to place hardware in zip-lock bags and attach them to the piece they came from. Wrap all larger pieces in moving blankets and smaller in bubble wrap.

Dressers and Wardrobes:

- Empty furniture. If item in not too large it can be moved in once piece. If you need to break it down do so and save any hardware in a zip-lock.



- Pack all jewelry in jewelry boxes or pill boxes to keep from misplacing or tangling.


- Group clothes by season, material and size.

- Pack most expensive clothing in a garment box.

- Use plastic wrap or garbage bags to pack clothes directly from their hangers.

- Fold or roll your clothes and pack into a suitcase.

- For short distance moves you can move clothing in drawers. Use plastic wrap to secure.



- Unplug cords from your tb and secure cables and wires with cable ties and place all accessories in a sealed bag.

- If your set is mounted to a wall - detach carefully and place hardware parts in the bag with cords.

- Protect the screen with a piece of clean cardboard and wrap the entire TV in a soft blanket and secure it with stretch wrap.

- Put wrapped TV in a well padded study box of appropriate size and fill any empty space with bubble wrap, foam sheets or anti-static packing peanuts.

- Seal box well and label it FRAGILE.

Stereo Equipment:

- Carefully wrap your stereo in a few layers of bubble wrap and place it in an appropriate box. Provide plenty of cushioning inside the box, seal it tightly and label it as FRAGILE.


- Wrap each speaker in anti-static bubble wrap. - Pack smaller speakers in a padded sturdy moving box.

- Use moving blankets for larger speakers.


- Group books by size. Pack each size in a small and sturdy box lined with packing paper. Be sure to wrap more valuable + delicate books in packing paper.

- Put the books in each box in an upright position with their open parts facing the box sides. Be careful not to make the box heavier than 45lbs.

Living Room Furniture:

Couches, ottomans and other upholstered furniture

- Remove covers and cushions and take apart the armrests and legs. Pack all detached items and use plastic wrap to protect upholstery from dirt and dirt. Finish by wrapping the entire furniture piece in moving blankets.

Coffee tables and end tables

- Use bubble wrap to wrap table legs. Fold pieces of cardboard around the table corners for added safety and wrap the tabletops in moving blankets.

TV Cabinets

- Empty the furniture and secure all drawers and doors. If your cabinet has glass doors try to remove them and pack separate. Wrap entire cabinet in moving blankets and keep them in place with plastic wrap or packing tape.


- Remove all items from furniture piece and detach the shelves. Wrap all pieces in moving blankets.

Draperies and curtains

- Fold and pack into a large plastic bag to protect from dust and dirt.


- Roll up and secure with plastic ties and wrap with plastic to prevent damage.



- Be sure to backup your computer before you begin to pack.

- Disconnect all wires and cables and roll up and secure with plastic tie.

- Pack monitor with soft packing paper and place bubble wrap over screen. Wrap the entire monitor in bubble wrap. Place it upright in a well padded container - preferable the original box if you can.

- Wrap your PC tower in packing paper and an extra layer of bubble wrap. Pack in a strong box with padding or towels around the edges.


- Sort your documents, burn or shred items you no longer need. Place items you need to keep in a binder for safe keeping.


Before packing your bathroom, go through all cabinets and drawers and dispose of anything you are no longer using or expired items.


- Stuff powdered items, like eye shadow pallets with cotton to prevent from shattering.

- Put all makeup in a padded bag.

- Place towels or bubble wrap between the items in a box and on top.

Liquid Products:

- Gently squeeze all open bottles to let excess air out and wrap in plastic wrap.

- Wrap glass bottles in bubble wrap.

Towels and Curtains:

- Make sure all towels and curtains are completely dry before packing, store them in large plastic bags.

We hope this helps in your next move! Remember that if you'd like assistance, we're just a phone call away!


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