Rug Cleaning Hack

On today's blog we're sharing a quick hack on how to give your area rugs a good cleaning + our favorite machine washable rugs you should buy ASAP!


1. Determine if this you should do this yourself or hire a professional.

2. Purchase your own rug cleaner (this Hoover Rug Cleaner is one of our favorite + affordable options!) - or rent one from your local Home Depot.

3. Vacuum BOTH sides of your rug to remove dirt and debris.

4. Do a color test on a small patch.

5. Clean your rug + allow to dry completely before moving furniture back and walking on.


Want to make your life even easier? We LOVE the idea of a machine washable rug. Rugable allows you to easily throw the entire rug in the washer. So simple and easy.

Another option to go with is Flor. These come in square pieces that you put together yourself. Have one tile that is looking a little dirtier than others? Pop it up and throw it in the washer.

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