Garage Organization Items

If your garage is a complete disaster, you're not alone. On today's blog we're sharing our top 5 favorite items to keep your garage looking neat + organized.

1. Tool Storage

A rolling tool cabinet is the perfect way to keep all the tools together + accessible whenever needed. We love this Craftsman cart that you can grab from Ace Hardware.

2. Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Get everything off the ground and utilize your wall space. If you don't have build-in shelving, grab a heavy duty shelving unit. This one from Walmart has adjustable shelves which is great for different sizes items!

3. Broom Holder

A broom holder will not only hold your broom, but it can keep any of your other cleaning tools (ex: mop, Swiffer, duster, etc.) together and easy to grab when needed. This one from Amazon also has hooks to hang towels + brushes as well!

4. Clothing Rack

If you're storing your off season clothing in your garage consider using a clothing rack. This rack from Ikea + a hanging storage bag from Amazon is the perfect solution to protect your clothing + easy access.

5. Overhead Storage

Utilize ALL the space in your garage! This overhead storage unit from Walmart is SO easy to install. Keep rarely used items up there for safe keeping.

If the thought of organizing your garage is too daunting, consider hiring a metro's other woman® Chaos Coordinator to tackle this project for you!

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