Childrens Book Organization

School is back in session and we are looking at ways to keep organized. On today's blog we're sharing a couple ways to keep books accessible for the kiddos while looking neat.

Shelving + Baskets

Designate an area where kid supplies are together and accessible. We love these cube shelves from IKEA to display books. Add a few baskets for even more functionality. Baskets can hold games, puzzles or additional educational tools. Our favorite basket is from Target, easy to clean and durable.

Rolling Cart Use a rolling cart to keep books together and to hold extra homework supplies. Roll it in and out during study time!

Wall Shelves

Go vertical with your book storage! These floating shelves come with a lip to help to keep books leaning against the wall. We love this look for an imitate private reading corner.

We hope these few ideas help the kids stay organized and you, the parents sane! Happy New School Year!

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