Moving Soon?

Moving day... Such a daunting day. Its’s one we all dread. What might be even worse than moving day itself, is all the days leading up to it... Planning, packing & living in complete chaos. Even after the move is over - there is still a laundry list of things to do! We have one solution for you, hire metro's other woman®. We're here to coordinate the chaos and make your move a breeze. Check out all the things we can take off your plate!



True story. We can do all the packing for you! We know - this is a BIG game changer. We can do as little, or as much as you need! We'll safely wrap all your delicate items & get you 100% ready to go by moving day!


From requesting quotes from movers to being on location to manage them - we've got it all covered. We will be sure they are safely loading up the old house & unloading the boxes in the correct rooms at the new one.


Moving is the perfect excuse to purge away all those items you no longer need. We can assist with that and then lug it off to your local donation center!



Lining your drawers helps protect the surface from your utensils and also keeps your things from rattling around in there every time you open it up!


No time to unpack all the boxes? No sweat. Have specific ideas of where all items should go? We can either follow your specific instructions, or create a thought out plan of where things are best placed and unpack accordingly.


Moving is the perfect opportunity to create all new efficient organization systems. Your closets, pantry, kitchen & laundry room all deserve top notch organization so you can find items easily.

Moving without us will never be the same, or as easy! If you're relocating to one of our locations, we can accept packages, meet with vendors or have the house unpacked before you arrive to your new city. Give your local metro's other woman® office a call & schedule a consultation today!

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