Organize Your Files

Whether you're running a small business or sharing an office with your spouse, keeping files organized is no simple task. Check out these tips on how to reorganize so ANYBODY can find what they need!


1. Decide how you want to retrieve your files. Do you want them to be sorted by event, topic, speaking engagement, etc.?

2. Label ALL your folders, hanging & manila. This helps you to know where to return a manila folder if you remove it.

3. Pick a labeling system and stick with it. If you're using front labels or a specific color for particular folders, stay on track with that.

4. Leave plenty of space in your drawers for new files by purging every year. This not only helps your filing system stay current but it will also make your system more refined with whats going on that current year.

5. Neatly place paper in the folders so you can see the tabs. This will make your life easy when filing.

6. Find a filing cabinet that will hold all your files. Label your drawers with a broad topic to help you & others find the correct drawer.


Draw a map of your office or home and label where each filing cabinet or place where important documents are located.


Notate on your map where each type of file would be located. Here are some examples of what to label:

File payroll paperwork here.

File payroll reports/confirmation sheets of payment here.

Here is where I put expenses to be invoiced.

Outstanding invoices filed here.

Place the bills to pay here.

When you need to pay your bills, you will find them here.

File the paid bills here.

Register the contracts from clients here under the customer’s name.

File client folders here.

File conference paperwork here.

Here is where I put my to-do files.

Here is where I put my current projects.

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