Marie Kondo Folding Techniques

As day one lovers of Marie Kondo, we are loving all the hype from her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. We've been big believers in all her folding methods for our clients drawers for years. In case you missed the how-to's, we're sharing some of her methods on today's blog!


1. Fold one side of the garment across the center

2. Fold the opposite side the same way

3. Stop a little before the edge

4. Leave a bit of a gap

5. Stand upright in a drawer


1. Fold the seat against the pant legs

2. Fold the legs up towards the waistband, leaving a gap before it.

3. Fold up one more time.

4. Store upright


1. Fold one side towards the center

2. Fold the sleeve to fit within the rectangle's width

3. Fold the sleeve back flush with the edge of the triangle

4. Fold the other side the same way

5. Fold in thirds to fit the height of the storage space

6. Stand it upright


1. Place short socks together and fold in half

2. Place regular socks together and fold in thirds

3. Place knee socks together then fold in half or thirds depending on the length

4. For thick socks, fold one leg on top of the other, fold in half lengthwise and fold again depending on the length

5. For stockings, fold one leg on top of the other, then fold into thirds lengthwise and roll them up.


1. Fold each side of the tank top to the center

2. Fold straps in

3. Fold in thirds

Get ready, get set, GO transform your drawers! No time to do it yourself? Your metro's other woman® assistant is always here to help!

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