Christmas Decor Storage Solutions

The magic of the holiday season is over and it's time to put all the decor away. Figuring out how to store until next year can be a total headache! On this week's blog we give you the perfect storage solution for Christmas decor.

1. Clear Storage

Clear storage containers are the way to go. We prefer these so you can see the contents through from the outside. Find the perfect size that will fit your space & your golden!

2. Wreath Storage

Storing your wreath can be tricky. We suggest finding a storage container big enough to fit them or purchasing a wreath box or bag. Trying to save a buck? Place your wreath in a garbage bag and be sure to store somewhere high with no weight on top.

3. Bin Categories

Sort your decor into categories that make sense... For example: garland, ornaments, lights, etc. Keeping your items separated will not only make it easier to find in the future, but it'll make your decorating experience a breeze.

4. Utilize Items Around your Home

If you have odd sized items or small decor pieces, get creative and look around the house for things to store them. ZipLoc bags are a household staple that will easily keep items together. Hangers, another item every household has, is great to wrap your lights around so they don't get tangled.

5. Label Label Label!

We cannot stress this enough. Labeling all your storage containers will save the trouble of searching for items later! Here's a FREE printable we're loving!

Don't have it in you to tear down Christmas, organize and store it away? Metro's Other Woman® is here to do all the hard work for you!

Call today to book.

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