Tree Decorating Tips!

It's official! The holidays are here! It's our favorite time of year over here at metro's other woman®. While we know it can be stressful, we are sharing a few tips to help get you through, so it's an easy and enjoyable process.

Here are a few steps to make your tree magical:

1. Artificial trees are easier to decorate than real trees. Not only easier to keep alive, but they can withstand the weight of ornaments.

Faux is the way to go!

2. If you're working with a tree that isn't pre-lit, start by installing your lights.

3. Obsessed with the snowy tree look like us? Poly-Fil Batting is our secret weapon this Christmas. Take handfuls of the poly-fil and place on the outer branches where snow would naturally fall

4. Place ribbon or garland on your tree before installing ornaments. If you decide to add this later, that's okay! This will just ensure the safety of your ornaments.

5. Place your ornaments in a zig-zag pattern on your tree. We suggest starting with solid colors and layering in the specialty ornaments. Alternate shapes and sizes starting at the front of the tree and eye-level.

6. For a chic sophisticated farmhouse look, use a basket and blanket in lieu of the usual tree skirt. If your tree is small enough, place it in a woven basket (as seen here) or buy a tree collar. To finish up the look, grab a favorite throw blanket and place around the bottom of your tree.

7. If you're using a faux tree, but love the smell of the real ones - try adding a scent. We love Scentsicles from Target. It's the perfect final touch!

8. Do you ever find yourself buying lights, ornaments & garland for your tree and feel like you don't have enough? Fear no more... Use this cheat sheet below to ensure you don't run out of decorating supplies.

We hope you enjoy decorating your tree with the family. Remember metro's other woman® is here to help if you need an extra hand around the home this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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