Thanksgiving Table Setting 101

Which fork is used for what? How many knifes does one need? Which side do the spoon go on?! Whether you're going for a basic or formal setting, it's confusing to know where everything goes! This Thanksgiving, metro's other woman® is here to help!

If you're unsure where everything goes while setting your Thanksgiving table, fear no more... We have the ultimate guide for you!

There you have it! Simple as that...

Etiquette Tips:

1. Always pass food at the table counterclockwise.

2. Place your napkin in your lap immediately upon sitting down.

3. White wine glasses are held by the stem & red wine glasses may be held by the bowl.

4. Food served on a plate is eaten with a fork, and food served in a bowl is taken with a spoon.

5. A compliment on the food is always appreciated.

6. Savor the meal and eat slowly; it encourages conversation and conviviality.

7. If soup is too hot, stir it, don’t blow.

8. When asked to pass the salt, pass both the salt and pepper.

9. Cut your food into only one or two bite-sized pieces at a time.

10. Turn off or silence all electronic devices before sitting at the dinner table.

We hope this helps you as you get ready for the holidays to come! Don't forget that metro's other woman® is just a phone call away if you have too much on your plate and need additional assistance. Whether it's setting your table, week of Thanksgiving meal prep or grocery shopping... We've got it covered!

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