How to have a Productive Monday!

Mondays don't have to suck!

I know, Mondays have the reputation to being pretty sucky... There's never enough coffee to get you through the major to-do list you've got for the week. BUT! It doesn't have to be the worst day of the week... Gulp down that venti vanilla latte with 3 extra shots and buckle down on these 5 tips. Make Monday the most productive day of the week!

1. Make a list.

Make a to-do list of EVERYTHING you need to get done throughout this week. When making this list, if you group similar items together and do that chuck of items at the same time, it will increase your productivity.

2. First thing Monday morning, get one thing done IMMEDIATELY!

If you start off your morning by getting one thing done, it feels amazing! Trust me. Getting one little thing done, even if it's just cleaning off your desk, or replying to a couple emails. Just do something that will get your subconscious in the right work mode!

3. Set alarms to take breaks!

I know you can get into that work-mode and it's hard to turn off and remind yourself to relax for a second. Just set alarms on your phone to take a 10 minute break every 2 or so hours. Go for a quick walk or have a little snack... Taking a few minutes to yourself with boost your energy and productivity!

4. Don't check your email until noon.

I know, this sounds crazy... Depending on your profession, I know this isn't doable for everyone. If you can hold off on checking your email until the afternoon, and start the day off with a more difficult task your productivity will increase!

5. Drink a cold-brew coffee.

This one is just a no-brainer. There is no productivity without coffee... Am I right?!

Just like that, you will CRUSH your Monday ya'll! It's that simple. Lists, breaks & coffee are the secret key to setting yourself up for a killer week!

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