Ashley Jones Pantry Project!

As you may have seen on our instagram stories last month, we had the pleasure of flying out to LA to do a project for Ashley Jones. You may recognize her from her role as Bridget on your fave soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. We are so excited to finally share the deets!

Ashley, her hubby Joel and their sweet little guy, Hayden were ready for some organization help around the house. For our first trip to visit these sweet clients, we focused on a full pantry organization and a master closet refresh (which we will share more details with later)!



The first step to any big organization project is purging! We had ashley and Joel complete this step before we arrived. We suggest throwing out everything that has expired, including food, vitamins & medications. If it's not expired, but you haven't used it in the last 6 months, it's time to part ways. Instead of throwing it away, donate to your local food bank!

We got started by removing everything from the area. Clearing your space and starting with a blank slate is an important step... This gives more room to envision everything in a new spot that is both more functional and practical. While we were removing everything, we tried to group like items together by category (ie: baking, oils/vinegars, canned goods, snacks, breakfast, etc).

We are so thankful that OXO was so kind to send Ashley some supplies to get us started! These lazy susan's and stainless steel food storage containers made our job so much easier!

We placed the large lazy susans on each shelf in the corner of the pantry. Lazy susan's are a perfect way to organize a group of items. Place everything on the outer edges, labels facing forward. If you have any doubles, place behind one another. The smaller size was a perfect fit for the cubby shelves which we used for vitamins.

The stainless steel food containers are perfect to get rid of any items that come in a box, like crackers, cookies and pasta. They are perfect for chips & nuts too! Easy grab and go snacks.

Next, all we needed to perfect our pantry transformation was a few baskets! Taylor headed to Target on a mission. She got lucky with baskets that were totally Ashley's style... Functional & pretty! There are multiple sizes of this style basket too!

We then started to fill the baskets and arrange in the pantry. Ashley's husband Joel is a big fan of bulk shopping, so we placed the overflow of paper towels at the bottom of the pantry and used a basket to store extra rolls of trash bags, tin foil, napkins, etc.

Once it was perfected, we were ready to reveal the project with Ashley!


It was such a joy to work with Ashley and her family. We can't wait to see how well she keeps up with the new organization systems in the next few months before we head out for our next project!

Head over to Ashley's blog to read about her experience with us!

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