Closet Organization! Are you ready for it?

It never hurts to do a little refresh or a complete reorganization on your closet from time to time! Taylor, our organization expert is here to help you along the way!

Organizing your closet is no small task. Following along with these tips will definitely make it a little easier on you.

Are you ready for it? *Cue "Are you ready for it" by Taylor Swift*

Start with a blank slate

Remove EVERYTHING from your closet. Starting with a blank slate will help to start fresh with a completely new system. This will also help you in the purging step.


Look at everything and decide if you love/need each item. Keep in mind when the last time you wore or used everything. If it's been 3+ months, then it's time to let it go!


Take a look at your blank slate and decide what is the most functional space for each category of clothing and accessories.


No, I don't mean go buy more clothes! Nice try! I'm talking shop for supplies! If your closet isn't custom made for you, you can customize it yourself! Need more rod space, run to The Container Store and grab an adjustable closet rod expander! I also suggest grabbing some baskets and bins for extra storage.

Lastly, one of the best tips I can give you is to use matching hangers! Not only does this look prettier, but you will fit more clothes in your closet this way too! I personally am a big fan of velvet hangers, but I know they can get pricey. I like to buy this 50 pack from Amazon! If you like to hang your jeans, I'd suggest ordering some of these too.


At last, it's time to fill your closet back up! First you want to organize your closet by style (tanks, t-shirts, long sleeves/sweaters, dresses, etc) and then organize by color. This is when that ROYGBIV trick you learned in elementary school comes handy! Those handy baskets you got are great for purses, scarves & shoes.

Just like that, you have a beautifully organized closet! Now on your weekly laundry day, just be sure you are upkeeping and straightening when you put clothes away. If you're anything like me, you'll keep adding more and more clothes to your collection... For every new item you add, try to purge one item.

Is the thought of organizing your closet overwhelming?! Fear no more, your fav lifestyle experts can help anytime. We're just a phone call away! Not in one of our locations? No worries, our chaos coordinators are available for travel!

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