Summertime Packing Tips!

It's time for those sweet Summertime getaways!

Whether you're heading to the beach for a quick weekend trip or to another country for a week long excursion, you're probably dreading one thing you have to do before you leave... Packing! First there's the panicking thought, "how on earth do I fit all of this in that one little bag?!" Then there's the realization that there is NO way your suitcase is going to close and you have to take everything out, reevaluate your itinerary & hope that when you rearrange everything, it will fit. Oh, not to mention those pesky weight limits the airlines enforce! Well, fear no more... You're favorite lifestyle expert and founder of metro's other woman®, Sarah Benken stopped by Arizona Family this week to share her best packing tips with our friend, Olivia Fierro.

How much can you really fit into one carry on sized suitcase? Three t-shirts, two jackets, two pairs of tights, one pair of jeans, one workout outfit, two pairs of sneakers, flip flops, one pair of heels, several accessories (that makes at least 18 outfit combinations!) and your necessary toiletries.

Don't believe us? Check it...


Don't worry... We'll teach you our magic!

First, let's start with the basics... Ask yourself these important questions:

-What are you doing during your trip? Are you swimming? Going for a hike? Fancy dinner?

-What's the weather going to be like? Always plan to adjust 5-10 degrees & pack layers!

Next, make a list! Sort your list by categories (ie: clothing, toiletries, accessories, shoes, electronics). This will help you make sure you're not forgetting anything important. Cross items off as you put in your suitcase.

When planning your outfits, pick some basics to start... Grab your favorite pair of jeans & a couple pairs of tights. Build your outfits from there. Be sure to pack a few different colored t-shirt/tank top options that will go with all of your bottoms to create more variety. Throw a few jackets in there to layer & top off your outfits with some accessory options. Lastly, pick a couple pairs of shoes for all occasions and never forget a pair of flip flops!

One of the best tips we could possibly give you, is to roll your clothes instead of folding! Not only will this save space, but it'll also save you the time of ironing when your clothes get wrinkled! From here, go ahead and throw in the rest of your checklist.

When it comes to your toiletries, it's easiest to put all of your items in a gallon sized zip-lock bag. If you're carrying your bag on, be sure all items are 4 oz or less and place your bag somewhere easily accessible for airport security.

When it comes to packing your accessories, it's a little tricky. You want to be sure to carefully place them somewhere where they won't get lost or tangled. Use a small pouch or we love this travel jewelry box from Stella & Dot.

There's even plenty more room for all those extra things you want to add if you're the overpacker type! We hope all of these tips help in all of your Summer vacations!

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