Checking in with Victoria Wilson in Wilmington, NC!

Meet Pete & Victoria!

These two Wilmington, North Carolina lovebirds have been married for two years now and they live quite the busy lifestyle... When they aren't working from home they like to get out on the water as much as they can! Without their assistant, that wouldn't be possible!

How long have you been using metro's other woman®?

1 year!

What services do you use?

We use Metro's Other Woman for traditional housekeeping, laundry help, errands, pet sitting and organization.

How often does your assistant come over?

Every other week.

Why did you seek out a personal assistant?

We both work from home so we are always anxious to get out of the house! Metro’s solves that problem as they take on all the miscellaneous tasks in my life throughout the month, so we can get out after work or on the weekends and enjoy the gym or weather. We don’t have to be stuck running errands or cleaning/organizing the house on our days off.

What do you love about metro's other woman®?

You guys do everything! Literally anything and everything... I never need to call multiple companies because I know my assistant can handle it. Whether it’s finally making that wedding scrapbook I’ve always wanted, or house sitting and watching our dog over the weekend while away!

Check back next month for another metro's other woman® client testimonial!

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