Fall Simmer Pot as seen on The List TV

The Holidays are Here!

And you know what that means....gift giving is in full swing.

This week Sarah, our Founder spent time filming for the nationally syndicated talk show, The List TV where she discussed 'How To Host the Perfect Holiday Party.' A take away Sarah mentioned was Host Gifts. If you are attending a holiday party this season, be sure to bring a gift for the host. After all, they've likely spent a lot of time prepping and planning for your arrival!

For a simple and personal Host Gift, we recommend throwing together a homemade

Fall Simmer Pot.

A Simmer Pot is simply a collection of fruits and spices that give off fragrances when heated over the stove. Simmer pots make it seem like you've been baking all day!

Here How to Create your Simmer Pot Host Gift:

To Get Started: Gather the following ingredients:

2 Oranges

3 Small Red Apples

Handful of Cinnamon Sticks

Dash of Vanilla Sticks

Next: Remove core and slice apples. Throw into a large stock pot.

Next: Slice oranges and add to the pot. Do Not Remove Peel!

Then: Add cinnamon sticks and vanilla extract.

Finally: Fill the pot with water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to low and allow concoction to simmer for several hours. Your house will smell lovely!

To Create Your Host Gift:

Simply place all ingredients into a sealed mason jar and attach a tag with twine. And voila!

Ok! So, that's it! Now that you have the basics and can go to town making your fall simmer pots! Remember, add whatever spices and fruit you fancy. There is not right or wrong in this DIY!!

And to watch Sarah's full segment, Stay Tuned! [the link will appear here when it airs]

Until next time.....

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