is laundry taking over your life?

So many times, we get calls from clients who feel like no matter what they do, the laundry is always there, waiting, glaring at them.

Something that seems insignificant, like laundry, when you really think about it, can be consuming a large chunk of your time - time that could be spent on your family, on your business, on your workout, on doing something meaningful. How nice would it be to never have to deal with it?

Check out how we helped this client tackle their laundry mountain:

A family of four, including two small children was overwhelmed with doing laundry every time they turned around (to the tune of 10 loads a week). One of the children was an infant and one was potty training, so there were massive amounts of formula-stained bibs, bath towels, soiled sheets, and dirty diapers that found their way into the hamper. The parents were overwhelmed and seemed to always be a week or two behind. Is it clean? Is it in the dryer? Did I even remember to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer last night? They realized that between spending so much money on multiple items and so much time looking for items, that they were essentially wasting both time and money.

OUTSOURCE YOUR LAUNDRY! I started working with the family taking care of their laundry. First, we created a system that worked for them: Color-coded laundry baskets (coded by room the laundry belonged in), one drop off point, whites cleaned one day, colors another, etc. Additionally, I started picking up and dropping off their dry cleaning as well, so they ended up saving even more time.

Within a month, the family noticed they had regained over TEN HOURS of time! And the bonus was the rest of their house stayed in much better order, just by outsourcing that one task. Now, instead of choosing between family time and laundry (or sleep and laundry ;)), the family is free to enjoy that time together.

“We were simply blown away to realize what a huge stress relief and time saver it was to have someone else handle that one chore – laundry! We are so happy we tried Metro’s Other Woman. Now we feel like we have our personal lives back!”

— Cynthia, Elementary Educator & Marco, Financial Advisor

Is your laundry one giant time-suck? We can handle it! Give us a call!

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