how to hire the right house cleaner

Letting someone into your home is a big decision. More than likely, this person is a stranger. Are they honest? Should I leave them in my home alone? How do I know if this is a good idea?

the cleaning company vs. the cleaning individual

There are hundreds of cleaning companies out there. Cleaning Industry published research that indicates people hire a company instead of an individual for the following reasons:

1. Insurance The house cleaning company is insured and bonded in case of accident or theft; 2. Convenience No hassle of interviewing, hiring or firing; 3. Comfort Instructions are given to a company or supervisor rather than a worker; 4. Supplies House cleaning companies provide their own cleaning supplies; 5. Availability House cleaning companies are more willing to fit into your schedule;

When hiring an individual to come and clean your home, you may get a much better deal. However, you may still be uneasy. If you are going to hire an individual for home cleaning, be prepared to ask:

1. What experience do you have? 2. Are you insured? 3. Can you provide references? 4. Do you bring your own tools and cleaning supplies? 5. Can they provide an introductory cleaning before you have to commit to a set schedule? (This gives you an out if you’re not satisfied)

Hiring a house cleaning company does not need to be stressful. Be prepared, ask the right questions and you’ll be on your way to a stress free clean home!

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