diy: furniture facelift with paint

Giving furniture a facelift is a great way to freshen up what you already have, or to give life to a second hand piece without having to spend a fortune. It's also an awesome way to make a piece unique to you when you just can't find that exact piece that you're looking for.

We did this recently with an porch swing. But, you can refinish anything from a dresser to a desk to dining chairs. The possibilities are truly endless! Also, don't be afraid to use furniture in a non-traditional way, like using a beautifully painted dresser with new hardware in your living room!

So, let's get started. Shall we?

Here is how the swing looked in the beginning:

As you can see, the paint was beyond chipping. Also, the goal was more of a brighter, more fun color.

We used these products:

1) Lacquer thinner to break down the paint. Douse it a small area, and begin scrubbing with steel wool immediately. It dries quickly, and if you give it time to dry, it is not nearly as effective. Also, you will want to wear a mask and use in a ventilated area. Be careful, because it is highly flammable.

2)This All Surface Enamel Latex Based paint from Sherwin Williams tinted to the color Blue Chip. (We chose this paint with the thought in mind that the swing would be in an outdoor climate.) We recommend telling the employee at the paint store about your project and where your piece will be used and then getting their recommendation on the proper paint for your particular item.

3) steel wool pads

4) masks to protect from fumes

5) drop cloth (or an old sheet that you don't mind sacrificing)

6) paint brush (if using canned paint)

7) sandpaper (the lower the #, the rougher the grain)

We doused small areas at a time with the lacquer thinner. Use generously. Be sure to read the cautions on the label before beginning. Douse. Scrub. Douse. Scrub ... until the paint is completely gone. Afterward, we sanded any rough spots. We left the swing overnight to make sure that the lacquer thinner had time to dry away completely before applying fresh paint.

And here we are after one coat:

Isn't she gorgeous??

Follow the times suggested on your paint product.

Typically, there will be a time listed for recoat, and a time listed for handling.

Annnd, here we are all done up!

If you are really craving a unique piece that is just perfect for your space, we highly recommend grabbing some paint and going for it! You can do it!!

Check our DIY page on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Good luck and Happy DIYing!!

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