clean out your closets!

Time for tanks, flip flops & dresses! Rejoice!!

Have you switched out your winter gear for your spring and summer wear?

It’s a great idea to go ahead and purge unnecessary items as you are switching out your seasons. This ensures things are maintained, and not allowed to get out of control and take over your house! Tackling a closet may seem overwhelming at first, but typically, once you get started, you get into a groove, and you’ll be done in no time! And the feeling you get from turning clutter into organization and chaos into tranquility is priceless!

Here are some guidelines:

Haven’t worn it in the last year? It needs to go!

Doesn’t fit? Put these items in storage. Give yourself 6 months. Mark it on your calendar. If they still don’t fit after 6 months, they need to go!

Paid too much for it, but still don’t wear/use it? We all know the guilt, but either way, it’s still rotting away in your closet, regardless of how much you paid for it. Someone else can put it to good use! Try these items at a consignment store, or donate them to a charitable organization or shelter. You will bring such a smile to someone in need who would give that item a loving home!

Needs repairing/cleaning? Remove these items and put them into a container in your car. Make it a point to drop them off at the appropriate business within the next week.

Is it sentimental? Consider having these items made into a keepsake – have them quilted, frame them, or have them made into a pillow. It’s okay to have memories. Why not honor those memories instead of shoving them to the back of your closet? Search your local area for quilt shops, or churches which often will accept donations in exchange for making a beautiful quilt.

Holey underwear and socks? Let’s not even go there. Toss ‘em!

metro’s other woman ® can handle all of this for you... We will also remove your unwanted items and deliver them to the charity or consignment store of your choice! Sometimes you just need someone there to help you get started!!

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