we value fun!

Working at metro’s other woman® never seems to get boring or unenjoyable. We pride ourselves in having a relaxed and fun, yet efficient and driven atmosphere. Check out how we like to have fun, while getting the job done!

You like to have a little fun, don’t ya? At metro’s other woman® we are paving the way for having the most fun while working! Our company culture is strong with seeing who can out do the latest selfie, make up the best costume, or freestyle a rap.

Of course ~ we pride ourselves in being highly efficient and driven, but we also strive to create a highly balanced atmosphere. Who says you can joke, be silly, relax a little? It’s more than just numbers, retention, accomplishments and goals for us gals at metro’s other woman® . Morale, positivity, laughter, and team building are a big part of who we are.

See below for some of our favorite camera captured moments. Laugh away….

Sarah (founder) and Desmond (from our Raleigh office) dressed up at 2014 Best Places to Work Award Ceremony.

Team building with the Raleigh staff heading out on the Trolley Pub Tour

Here is Leah from Raleigh office. Doesn’t she look FAB?!?

Our CEO Sarah at our first ever field day. (We threw a surprise birthday party for her - she loved the glasses, can’t ya tell?)

Pre-field day fun, trying on a few props to make sure they would work.

Erin from our Charlotte office having fun on and off the job.

Desmond from our Raleigh office having a good time running errands and relaxing during his time off.

Tree, from our Raleigh office taking some fun selfies.

Ellie from Charlotte just goofing off taking a selfie in some amazing sunglasses she borrowed while on a photo-shoot with a fashion blogger.

Liz from our Wilmington office hanging out with fiancé!

Bringing it full circle – check out another picture of Sarah and Desmond. They are having way too much fun taking a selfie after a long week of work.

As you can see - no matter the occasion, we are always looking to have a good time! I mean, who wants a boring job and a dreadful day? NOT US! Don’t get me wrong, we know when to dig in and get serious. Hey work is work, but it doesn’t have to be a drag session!

If you loved this and it sparks your interest in becoming a MOW staff member or you want to hire us to become your assistant, click for more info.

We hope you have a FUN filled day! Remember, life is way too short to be serious all of the time….

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