tips & tricks for multitasking

This time of the year is busy with kid's after-school activities, work, and planning for the upcoming holiday season. Here are some multitasking tips to help you accomplish everything you need to get done in a reasonable amount of time.

Tips and Tricks for Multitasking

This time of year everyone is extremely busy. Whether it is your kid’s after-school sports and activities, your job, or planning for the upcoming holiday season, we all have our plates full and are struggling to get everything completed. Multitasking is something that has to be done. Some don’t know how to do it, and some, like our staff, are pro’s! Since multitasking is in our job description we wanted to provide you all with some tips and tricks for multitasking that just might make it easier for you. These steps sure have helped us!

Here are some tips for multitasking…

Define the task in advance

Write down all tasks and define them clearly. The key to being efficient is deciding on a distinct set of tasks that you are going to complete, and sticking to them.  If you think of additional related tasks, put them on a new list for the next time.

Put all similar tasks together

Make sure you pair all similar tasks together, so that you can accomplish all similar projects at one time. Mixing mental and physical tasks together is a good idea so, that you can get more done at one time. For instance, you can’t wash the dishes and fold clothes at the same time, but you could listen to an audiotape or talk on the phone while you are folding laundry.

Take advantage of downtime

Things you haven’t been able to get around to, like making phone calls, answering emails, filling out paperwork, etc., you can do while you are in a waiting room or in between meetings.

One project at a time

Some projects may require more attention than others. You have to learn to recognize these projects, and be able to designate more time and energy to them. Though it may seem more efficient to have multiple important projects going on at one time, it will result in more stress and lower quality outcomes. Make known the projects that need the most attention and do them only one at a time.

Plan ahead and write everything down

Make sure that you write everything down on a to do list. Number everything in order of importance. This is crucial and will make your life so much easier.

We hope that some of these tips and tricks will help you with multitasking and tackling all of the overwhelming things going on in your life. Just remember, we are the queens of multitasking at Metro’s Other Woman. If you have projects that need more detail, or you need help with completing anything on your to do list, we are here to help!

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