tips for being punctual

Are you always running late? Don't worry, it can happen to the best of us! Follow these 7 tips for being punctual, and you will be sure to be on time!

Tips for being punctual

Are you one of those people that never leaves the house until 5 minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere? You are not alone. You are right in the middle of a project, and all of the sudden you look at the clock and you are supposed to be 15 minutes away 5 minutes ago. No matter how organized you are, time slips away from us all. Being on time, and making sure others are on time is a huge part of our job. Here are a few tips and tricks that our staff uses to stay on track and get places in time…

1.Making being prompt a priority

Address the fact that you have a problem with being on time, and then decide that from this moment on you will be on time.

2.Realize why you want to be punctual

If you realize the importance of being on time, it will help you want to become more punctual. People’s time is valuable, and if they are always waiting on you it can impact the way that they feel about you. Always being late can be considered unprofessional, and in turn impact your career. It is also stressful when you are always in a hurry to get places…leaving on time allows you to be more relaxed when you arrive places, and it gives you the ability to enjoy the journey to the destination.

3.Set an alarm

If you think you will be distracted, and not leave on time, set an alarm on your phone. It will go off when you are supposed to leave.

4.Don’t assume

Don’t just estimate how long you think it will take to get somewhere. Luckily we have enough technology in today’s era that we can GPS a location before hand, and know exactly how long it will take us to get there with traffic and everything.

5.Be practical when you are starting a project

Don’t think, “oh I’ll have enough time to start and finish this project and leave in 10 minutes”, when you know the project will take 30. Find something more practical to do with the 10 minutes you have instead. Don’t be afraid to break bigger tasks down into smaller tasks and finish them in portions.

6.Be prepared to be on time

Be prepared because this takes a little planning on your part. Laying out clothes to wear, packing everything you will need and having it by the door, making sure your house and car keys are by the door, and all of the meals you want to take are already made. All of these things will help you be prepared to leave on time.

7.Leave a time cushion

It’s better to be early than late. Bring a project with you that you can finish if you arrive a few minutes early. Bring a book you can read, respond to emails, finish making your to-do list for tomorrow, or return texts or phone calls. These are all productive things that you can do to kill time while you wait for the other people to show up.

If you are chronically late, it might take a little while for you to appreciate the feeling of being punctual or early. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize it creates a much more laid back lifestyle and you will probably never want to be late again.

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