spring cleaning

Spring-cleaning is something that we here, at metro’s other woman®, look forward to. We want you to enter the summer season with a home that is set up for organizational success. Here are some tips and tricks to makes your spring cleaning a breeze!

Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is something that we here at metro’s other woman® look forward to. There is something very satisfying about finishing and knowing that you are now living in a home that is perfectly clean and organized. We want you to enter the summer season with a home that is set up for organizational success. Before you start cleaning, we want you to follow some of our advice…1. Ask for help 2. Purge 3. Organize, and 4. Clean. Now, read these 4 steps in more detail.

1. Ask for help

Why do it on your own when you could ask one of our lovely assistants to help you? Check out our locations and assistants. It’s what we are here for!

2. Purge

It’s natural that during the cold winter months we accumulate things (as well as pounds, sometimes). Purging is going to make the next step in this process so much easier. Having fewer things means that you have to clean less, and will have a less cluttered life. Here are some ways to clear the clutter.

1. Setting up boxes with “Keep,” “Donate or sell,” “Recycle,” and “Trash,” on them helps to make the process of getting rid of things more efficient.

2. We realize getting rid of papers can be hard because of legal things. Throwing away the wrong thing at the wrong time can be a bad news.

Here is an image that shows how to go through papers:

Lastly, here are some questions that you should keep in mind when purging:

• Have I used it in the past 3-6 months?

• Did I remember that I own this?

• Does it bring value to your life? Enrich it in any way? (Other than collecting dust)

• Does it have a real use and a specific place in your home?

• Can I bless others with this?

3. Organize

Organize, organize, organize. Put everything where it belongs and make sure that everything has a home within your home. Here are some of the basics; keeping your refrigerator and your linen closets organized.


Refrigerators can be like an endless black hole, especially when you have a teenager, or two who are constantly hungry.

1. Firstly, we would recommend buying some baskets and bins to put eggs, fruit, and some veggies in. Make sure you label them, so everyone knows where everything belongs.

2. Use a Lazy Susan, or turntable to help reach items in the back.

3. Use wax paper in your fridge drawers and on the shelves. Whenever it gets messy, just throw the sheet out, and replace it.

Linen Closet

Summer is the time for house guests and traveling, both of which will be a lot easier with organized linen closets.

1. Buy some bins or baskets. Label them and make sure that everything has a place.

2. Refold all of your sheets and towels in a more organized way

Here is a picture of how you fold a fitted sheet:

Once you fold the fitted sheet, fold the top sheet to be the same size as the fitted sheet. Lastly, place both sheets into the pillowcase. It should look something like this picture…

3. Group and sort all of the things in your linen closet. Organize the sheets by room in your house. Dedicate one shelf to things like lotion, one to bags and the other to sheets and blankets. Figure out a system that works for you and go with it!

4. Clean

It might take awhile to get to the point where you actually clean your home, but once you ask for help, purge and organize this last step will be a breeze because everything will be put away and out of your way while you are cleaning.

Here is a checklist of all the spring-cleaning you should do:

This is also a good list to hang in your house. It has a list of all the cleaning you should do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis:

We hope that these tips and tricks give you great success with all of your spring-cleaning ventures. Now go and celebrate because it’s spring, the weather is lovely, and you are about to have a clean home!

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