managing the "other" things in your schedule

For most of us, school has started back, which means schedule changes and adjustments for everyone. Even if you don't attend school or have a child who does, you are affected by the increase in traffic. Do you ever feel like there's just too much to keep up with? Regardless of the details of your life, we all have a million and one things going on, and it's so hard to keep track. We have a simple suggestion...

Use your smartphone calendar (or agenda if you are a paper and pen kind of person) to keep up with all the to-dos you don't normally think about. We all tend to put our appointments, meetings and social reminders in our calendars, but what about all the other stuff that needs to get done? Not only do we forget, but we can't even remember how long it's been since the last time it got done. Here are a few examples of items to put on your calendar as an on-going game plan so you can keep on top of your home, your yard, work, and your family:

The key to staying organized is to implement systems. Try to change how you think about purging clutter. It shouldn't be something that you do only when things are out of control and you can't ever find anything, or you can't get the drawer closed because it's over stuffed. Instead, think of it as maintenance. We all have things that come in every day, every week, and every month, that need to be purged, donated, or in some other way handled, or it will end up piling up around your home. If you are a magazine lover, but find that your magazines are taking over, go through them and pull out your favorites (recipes, decor tips, etc). Donate the remaining magazines to your local library. If you find it difficult to part with t-shirts that you've collected over the years, but they are worn out, or you don't have room for them, consider a t-shirt quilt, or framing a few, or using a few to cover pillows. Once you start to view these tasks as maintenance items that are already a part of your schedule, you will feel much more in control of your home and your space. Best of all, metro's other woman® can come in at whatever frequency you choose and assist with these tasks. We'll develop the game plan, implement it with your approval, and haul away anything that needs a home elsewhere. Give us a call today!

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