how to fold a fitted sheet

As most of us know, folding a fitted sheet can seem almost impossible. Well...the impossible has just become possible! If you follow these steps, you can become a fitted-sheet folding pro!

As most of us know, folding a fitted sheet can seem almost impossible. We know that most of you, have at one point or another, just wrapped the sheet up in a ball, and thrown it into the linen closet because you became so frustrated with the corners not meeting up, or the bumps never flattening out. We can relate, considering myself, Ellie, had never dreamed of being able to fold a fitted sheet, until I followed the following steps. The impossible is about to become possible! If you walk through these steps, you will be able to fold a fitted sheet with ease.

1) Turn the sheet inside out.

Hold it up and put your hands into the two corners.

2) Lay the sheet on a flat surface and smooth it out.

3) Slip the top corners inside the two bottom corners and make sure they are neatly arranged.

4) Fold the sheet in half. Stack all four corners and try to create a smooth rectangle. Don't worry, it most likely won't be perfect.

5) Fold the sheet in half again.

6) Now, make a rectangle by folding it in half again, and then smooth it out.

And you’re done! Not so hard huh?! We hope this helps you, but if you are still confused, we recommend watching this video. It will take you through the same process.

Click here to watch the video!

After the sheet has been folded, we normally put it into a pillowcase with the rest of the folded linen set. Keeping the whole set together provides organization and gets rid of the wasted time and stress that comes from looking for all of the pieces to the sheet set in a messy closet. Practice this a few times and before you know it, you will be a champ at folding fitted sheets. If you are still having trouble, feel free to ask us how it’s done! All of our PA’s can fold fitted sheets, so don’t hesitate to ask us to show you how it’s done!

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