fall porch inspiration

Nothing brings in the fall season like boots, scarves, pumpkin spiced lattes and of course front porch decorations. We’ve got the keys for success when it comes to having the neighborhoods most fabulous front porch this fall.


Scarecrows are a given for the “fall” front porch look. We wanted to go ahead and state the obvious choice first.


Not only is squash cheap but it is just adorable. Take some squash and put it randomly around your front porch and it will seem like you spent forever decorating it when in reality you spent $5 and 5 minutes.


We know putting corn on your front porch sounds a little corny (get it?!) but it is actually a fabulous way to make your home look festive in a very classy and cheap way. Copy this picture and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t like corn? Use cornstalks to add a little season to your front porch.

Monogrammed Pumpkins

Buy a pumpkin, trace your family's initial (or whatever you want) and then paint it on. It’s too easy really!


Flowers are always a good option regardless of the season. For the fall stick to a mum or a pansy and it will give your front porch a more festive feel.


Creating your own custom wreath could be a very fun project. Go to your local craft store and your options will be nearly limitless. If you don’t have the time to spend creating your own just go to your local farmers market, Michaels, Target or Wal-Mart and they will have plenty of options.


You thought garland was only for the Christmas season didn’t you? Well think again! Take some of the leaves that are now laying in your yard and put them to good use. Take a needle and some strong thread and string the leaves. Once finished, hang it around your door or in any other place of choice.

Hay Bales

It’s all in the pairing of a hay bale. Don’t leave it plan (although it could potentially still look cute) place some flowers, a lantern, pumpkins, or squash on top for a more finished look.


Lanterns are the perfect addition to your front porch. Put some leaves and non-flammable lights into an old mason jar and you are done.

Halloween Stuff

A traditional jack-o-lantern never fails to give the seasonal look. You can purchase one or have a pumpkin-carving contest to keep your kids preoccupied for a little while (wahoo!).

Final Advice: Chat with your MOW assistant and ask her opinion and what she would suggest for your front porch decorations this season, give her creative freedom to create something fun and cheap. Another idea is having your children (if you have them) help you decorate the front porch. It might just become a family tradition!

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