5 things to do tonight for a better tomorrow

If your mornings are hectic and rushed, don't worry! Here are 5 tips we are sharing with you to give your mornings ease. Follow these tips and your anxiety filled mornings will soon disappear!

5 Things to do tonight for a better tomorrow

We here at Metro’s Other Woman® love finding tips and tricks for making life easier, more organized and less stressful. Most of us have very busy, limited mornings. Starting your day off in a rushed and hectic way can set a bad tone for the rest of the day. We want to share 5 things that you can do tonight, in 20 minutes or less, that will make tomorrow morning run smoothly.

1) Quick tidy up throughout the house

Now, this doesn’t have to be a full house cleaning. Just make sure that most things are back in their place, and that there are no huge messes. If nothing else, be sure to load and start the dishwasher before you go to sleep. Make this a family routine where everyone joins in.

2) Choose your outfit for the next day

Since time is limited in the morning make sure to set out your outfit the night before. Having a cute outfit picked out will make you feel more confident about yourself and the day you will be facing. Plus, you are much more prone to have a matching outfit if you don’t pick it out at 6AM in the dark, while you are still half asleep.

3) Set up for breakfast in the morning

Get your metabolism burning by setting breakfast out the night before. It doesn’t take you long to get out your breakfast, but if you set it out the night before you are much more likely to make a healthy choice. If we are in a big rush, most of us are prone to run out the door without even eating breakfast. Setting it out will insure you that your tummy won’t be growling during that important meeting you have!

4) Make a realistic to do list for tomorrow

This step is a real game changer. Making a to do list the night before allows you to sleep better. Instead of trying to remember and stress over everything you have to do, you can forget about it for the night and sleep soundly. When you wake up, everything you need to do will be listed there in order of importance. If you don’t know how to set up a realistic to do list, or you get stuck on this step, here is recent blog post from our company that includes a printable PDF and steps on tackling your to do list. Print this out and you will have the perfect to do list.

5) Gather everything you will need to head out the door

We have all done this before; been in such a rush to get out the door that you forget the most important thing you needed for the day! Consequently, you have to turn around to go get it, and you end up being late. This can be avoided by making a pile by the front door of everything you will need for the day. The next morning you just grab-n-go! It’s a lovely thing not to have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you forgot something important.

All of these things can be completed with ease in the matter of 20 minutes or less. We can assure you that they will make your mornings much more efficient and peaceful. If these are things that you don’t have time to complete, rest assured, we are here to help you. We are famous for our “5 minute pick up/tidy”. We love to organize outfits, prep meals, schedule things and pack. Give us a call if your time is limited and you want things to run more smoothly in your home. Our professional and reliable staff is here to help. Who knows, maybe this will even help you have time to sit down and drink your whole cup of coffee in the morning!

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