5 super-cool time-saving apps

Time: it always seems there is never enough. Whether you are a student, parent, or business professional, 24 hours in a day is rarely enough time to get all your personal and/or business tasks completed.

With all the technology available to us today, we should be using it to our full advantage and making life more manageable.

In Sr. Business Assistant and tech guru, Jen G's, quest to increase productivity and time management, she has come across five apps she thinks are a MUST for the person “on-the-go” that are easy to use and will save you heaps of time! (You’re welcome)

photo courtesy of pinterest.com

1. Asana-A digital to-do-list, Asana allows you to track your tasks or collaborate with others on projects. You can mark the items complete, add a due date, attach documents, and there is plenty of room for detailed notes. Cost=Free, as it is web-based. Check them out!

2. Evernote-A workspace for all your projects! Think of it like a digital notebook on steroids; you can create and share presentations, upload documents and photos, document processes, and it even allows for web clipping (similar to cutting and pasting items from the web). Cost=Free! Click Here for Evernote

3. CamCard-My wallet was exploding with business cards until I downloaded this app. It gives you the ability to snap a photo of a business card, have the information saved on your device and synced to your contacts. The only downside is if the card is not of good quality the app won’t read the information properly and you will have to manually enter or correct it. Cost=$7.99 for iOS and $11.99 for Android. Sign Up for Camcard

4. Dashlane-I saw a segment on the Today Show introducing this “password manager and secure digital wallet” app and thought, “Wow! I have so many passwords I cannot keep track of, and this is a safe way to do that.” You can create really secure passwords and it also comes with a free form filler. Cost=Free! Go to Dashline here!

5. SignNow-This app would have been a lifesaver for me several times, as I needed to sign PDF documents when purchasing my home and selling property. SignNow allows you to sign and fill both PDF and Microsoft Word documents from your device, no printer needed! Cost=$15/mo. for a solo user; prices vary for 10 or more users. If you need to sign 5 or less documents per month it is free. Check out SignNow here!

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