1st field day

What an incredible day May 2, 2015 was. It will certainly go down in Metro’s Other Woman® history, for it was our inaugural Field Day. Our two oldest offices, Raleigh and Charlotte met in Gibsonville, NC (just outside of Greensboro) in a beautiful park, right slam in the middle of the country. Nearly half of our staff from the two offices attended and the weather was just perfect! The mission: to seek out the Ultimate Diva Champion.

Have a laugh and check out some highlights from the day!

Our Raleigh team.

We started our day with a t-shirt decorating contest…DIY at its best! Each staff member was given a cotton t-shirt, a pair of scissors and a sharpie. Their mission was to customize their t-shirt, come up with a nickname and write it on the back of their shirt. The designs were pretty awesome, but the nicknames even better!

Our top 3 picks based off of design were: enikki, jenny from the block, and thing 2 (enikki won 1st place)

Next, we took part in a donut eating competition. What better way to get everyone in the mood for some fun? YES – stuff them with sugar! The goal here was to see who could eat a donut the fastest with their hands tied behind their back. Everyone was a little too excited about this contest!

We also took part in blindfolded makeovers. One person was selected to be blindfolded and apply makeup to their partner’s face. (Of course, we used only the most colorful blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.) Thank goodness for makeup remover wipes!

Another fun contest was the Dress to Impress competition. We raced to a table (pictured below) filled with lots of props and accessories and were given 1 minute to put together the most fabulous outfit. With hot pink mullet wigs, capes, pink mustaches, and cowboy hats, there was bound to be some laughs. Check us out!

My personal fave was the Touchdown Dance competition. We grouped up in teams of 4, selected some theme music and put our choreographing skills to work. Our founder, Sarah’s team won this one. We can’t wait to post the video….so you can all laugh as much as we did.

Surely you can imagine after all of the fun, games, and laughter, we were starved! But before we ate a HUGE catered lunch of BBQ, burgers, hotdogs, chips, hushpuppies, salad and tons of other delicious calories, Stephanie from our Charlotte office as crowned the MVP of the day.

Not only did Stephanie win the satisfaction of knowing that she beat all of us, she also took home a $100 gift card from TJmaxx!!!! Woah!

All in all, there was over $700 in other prizes, a catered barbecue, lots of memory making and tons of laughs. It was the perfect start to what will become an annual tradition.

If working with Metro’s Other Woman® is something you think you could see yourself doing, don’t hesitate, apply today! We’re always on the lookout for great staff! Email your resume to info@metrosotherwoman.com.

…After all, you WILL NOT want to miss out on next year’s field day!!!

PS – Our Raleigh location won the tug-a-war competition TWICE! Yes, twice – Charlotte insisted on a re-do.

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