how to relax on vacation

You’ve done your research and you’ve found the perfect destination for the whole family. Before you hit the road, it’s important to remember that a little planning goes a long way! The last thing you want to do on vacation is stress out, so here’s our checklist for how to plan ahead so you can really relax on vacation.

1. Don’t overschedule. The last thing you want to be on vacation is worn out. Instead of trying to jam pack your schedule with all the sightseeing and activities you’ve ever seen in anyone’s blog, pick a few “can’t miss” things or places to visit. Then schedule them making sure you leave yourself enough breathing room in between. You’ll be able to enjoy your visit more if you aren’t thinking about the next thing or place to check off of your list! Our tip: If your vacation destination is near a metro’s other woman® location, we can help you plan your outings.

2. Unplug. We know you’ll be tempted to post every amazing photo-op on Facebook while on vacation, but make sure to take some time to unplug. And while out and about, don’t be tempted by the email notifications you see pop up on your phone. Eighty-eight percent of adults spend over 3 hours a day with their eyes fixed on a digital screen, so while on vacation, try to give your eyes a break and spend time soaking in the natural beauty!

3. Plan your meals. If you’re staying in a rental with a kitchen, this is a must! Before you head out on vacation, ask everyone for one meal suggestion and write a thorough shopping list. Instead of taking multiple trips to the grocery store, you’ll be able to get all the necessities at once. Don’t want to waste precious vacation time shopping? metros other woman® can have your fridge stocked and ready to go when you arrive! No desire to cook? Leave the meal prep to metro’s other woman® too! Now THAT sounds like a vacation to us! Our tip: We love the 60/40 rule: buy enough groceries to cook 60% of your meals at the house and sample delightful offerings at local restaurants for the other 40% of your meals.

4. Enjoy a Date Night. We know you love your family, but nothing spells out a relaxing night like a tasty meal at local restaurant and maybe a few cocktails out on the town with your honey. Don’t feel guilty about getting a babysitter – your kids will likely have a blast at their game night, movie night or playing while you are enjoying some quality adult time. Our tip: metro's other woman® can put you in touch with trained, safety-certified, trusted babysitters near our locations.

5. Go with the Flow and Surprise Yourself. Part of what makes vacation fun is doing something you don’t normally do. This is why it’s so important to leave breathing room in your schedule! Want to try sunrise yoga on the beach? Go for it! Instead of watching others on the jet skis, rent one and have a blast! Taking a vacation allows you to live outside of your element, try things you wouldn’t normally try, stay up late or wake up early! Enjoy the day and go with the flow!

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