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Do you feel like a huge portion of your time is spent making meals, or figuring out solutions for quick meals? Or maybe you are getting ready for bathing suit season? Here are four steps to help you get healthy and save time by meal prepping!

We all know that cooking can be an all-consuming thing that takes away valuable time. We want to help you take back your time and energy and achieve your goals by giving you some keys to successfully meal prepping!

Why do people meal prep, you might ask? People prep for many benefits including; eating healthy, portion control, weight loss, achieving fitness goals, saving money, and convenience. Whatever reason you may have for meal prepping, we want to give you some tips for success. Just start by following these 4 easy steps…

1. Define your goals

Why are you meal prepping? To save time, or to lose or gain weight at the gym? You have to figure out why you are meal prepping in order to know what types of meals you want to prepare and eat.

2. Choose a prep idea

After you have figured out what your goals are, you can come up with lists of food combinations that you like for each meal. For instance, if you want to lose weight you might want to look for low carb, or low calorie meal ideas on Pinterest, or other sites. Write down the ingredients and other foods that work with your goals and start creating meal ideas and grocery shopping lists.

3. Start prepping

Once you have an idea, you can head to the grocery store, buy all of the things that you need for the meals you’ve selected, and start cooking. For maximum success, we recommend scheduling a specific prep day to do all of the cooking. Sundays are the most popular day to prep (so that all of your meals will be done for the work week), but obviously choose a day according to what fits best in your schedule.

4. Execute your plan

Now that you’ve finished prepping, eat the meals at the assigned time of the day. If you find yourself getting hungry in between meals, you might want to prep some healthy snacks, or increase your portions by a little bit.

How much to cook

Determine the quantities to purchase and cook based on how many meals you plan to make. To determine how much food to cook, figure out your portion sizes, then multiply by the total number of meals you're making. This can be as simple as "eyeballing it", or you can break out the food scale and calculate your macros. 

If all of this overwhelms you, don’t worry; this is a lifestyle you can gradually transition into. You can start off prepping for one meal (i.e. lunch every day at work) and build up to prepping multiple meals for each day. The physical benefits of meal prepping might take a little while to show, but you will eventually reap the health, financial and mental benefits.

We recommend trying this for a least one month! We believe you will be a prepping expert in less than 30 days! Once you make meal prepping a habit, you will become more experienced and can start making adjustments, trying new things, and smoothing out the process. We wish you the best of luck as you start this journey of meal prepping and becoming bikini season ready!

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