how to declutter and simplify

Spring cleaning time is right around the corner. We know this idea of simplifying and decluttering your home can be quite overwhelming, so we have put together three steps to make this process stress free!

How to De-clutter & Simplify Your Life

It’s springtime and we want to help you de-clutter from the winter storing season. Things seem to accumulate during the winter months (items, pounds, etc.), and we want to help you manage the stress these things inevitably bring. De-cluttering and simplifying your life requires a mindset shift. Along with these steps, you will first have to be willing to change old habits and align yourself with what you. Thankfully, we have some practical things that should help you take the first few steps in accomplishing your goals of living more simply:

1. Detach your identity from your belongings

When getting rid of things, it’s important to remember that your memory isn’t in the item, but instead it’s in the actual memory. You don’t have to have the item to remember the event or person it came from. Remind yourself that the things you own do not define you. Things are simply things and your life will continue on after you get rid of them.

2. Identify what’s most important to you

When going through all of your possessions, make sure to keep in mind the things that are most important. Go through and identify what is most important before you start the process of clearing out. Ask yourself what you would grab if there were a fire? What would you miss/realize was gone if it just disappeared one day?

3. Start now

There really is no time like the present to start a project like this. It might seem totally overwhelming to you, but if you start with the small areas it will start to create waves in this process. You can start with the drawer that’s overflowing, or the cabinet that’s making you anxious. Start today by making an action plan, or a checklist. Before you know it, your whole house will be cleared out.

Through this whole process remind yourself that less really is more. Having less stuff gives you more time, money and energy to handle what it really important. If this process is something that you want to start, but are having trouble doing it on your own, call us for support. We love helping people simplify their lives!

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