have a little clutter in your life?

metro's other woman®  loves to organize! Whether it’s a closet, pantry, or an entire house, we specialize in providing solutions that will create space and order.

Need to purge? We've got you covered!

Refresh Your Space

Swooning over the latest organization trends?  Take your areas up a notch with our Refresh Your Space service. We combine functionality and flow with a clean modern aesthetic.  Get the magazine-worthy pantry, linen closet or guest bedroom, you've dreamed of.  

  • Freshen up linen closets

  • Color coordinate master closet

  • Kitchen + pantry straightening

  • Sorting, rearranging + more


This services involves minimal purging and maximum style. Most projects are completed in one visit.

Overhaul Your Space

Also Available

Shopping for Systems + Solutions.  

Purge Runs (drops to donation centers & consignment stores)

Maintenance Plans (monthly / quarterly / biannual)

TRAVEL SERVICES (not in our service area?)

Organization services are not covered in our monthly programs, but can be added for $40/hour

metro’s other woman® offers complete overhauls for any space in need of de-cluttering

and organization.  We work alongside our clients to bring order to chaos and create balance through curated systems designed for efficiency. 

  • Installing systems in playrooms / attics / garages  

  • Craft room design

  • Purging before a move

  • Seasonal organization 

We craft a custom plan for each overhaul.  Most projects are completed in multiple visits.



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