Organization and Overhaul

The Personal Assistants at Metro’s Other Woman® would LOVE to help you stay organized! We specialize in creating organizational solutions that will help YOU. Whether it’s a closet, pantry, or the entire house, our Personal Assistants will help create a space you love.

Refresh Services

Metro’s Other Woman® will Refresh Your Space! Our work combines functionality and flow with a clean modern aesthetic, our Personal Assistants will create a space you LOVE.

  • Freshen up line closets.

  • Color Coordination of closets

  • Kitchen and Pantry straightening

  • Sorting, rearranging, and more!


Overhaul Your Space  

Metro’s Other Woman® will Overhaul Your Space! If your space needs a declutter, our Personal Assistants would LOVE to help you. We create efficient, organized spaces that are clutter-free.

  • Systems for playrooms, attics, and garages

  • Craft Room design

  • Purging before a move

  • Seasonal Organization

Metro’s Other Woman® tailours our services directly to YOU. This means most projects will be completed in multiple visits!

Other Services

Shopping for Systems + Solutions.  

Purge Runs (drops to donation centers & consignment stores)

Maintenance Plans (monthly/quarterly/biannual).

Our Organization services are not covered in our monthly programs but can be added for $40/hour.



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