Laundry? Who has time for that?

Outsource Laundry Service

Time is short and weekends are filled with other activities.

metro's other woman® offers two options for tackling the chore that never seems to go away.

Full- service Laundry

Our full-service option includes:

wash/dry/fold/put away (and ironing, if desired)


With this service, your metro's other woman®  assistant gathers the dirty laundry from around the house and ‘poof’, it’s all neatly put away in drawers and closets.


Basic closet organization is included with this service.  It is a perfect solution for a large family or an on-the-go professional.  


**During washing and drying time, your personal assistant will spend free time organizing and straightening the house.

Put-away Laundry Service

The put-away service is an excellent option for the client that can't seem to get the laundry from the basket to the drawers.  


No more sifting through a basket of wrinkled clothes! You wash and dry, we take care of the rest.  

**This service also includes a fluff & go service.

Dry cleaning service

We understand that not everything can go into the wash; therefore, we've added a dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up service. Your assistant can handle all laundry, even the dedicates!

Laundry Services are a common add-on to personal assisting.

Either option can be performed in conjunction with other services or alone.



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