Fluff-and-Go Service

metro’s other woman®'s signature Fluff-and-Go Service is a perfect option for getting your home 'dinner party ready.' Typically combined with other services, this aesthetic cleaning service focuses on the areas of your home that are most visible and most used. Not to be confused with a traditional house cleaning, the Fluff-and-Go Service is recommended for keeping your home staged to perfection. Below is a summary listing of the service details:

All Rooms:

  • Hotel-style bed making

  • Fluff pillows, throw blankets, and linens

  • Wipe down all counter tops/vanities, sinks, and spot clean mirrors

  • Load/unload dishwasher

  • Restock toilet paper and paper towels 

  • General straightening and pick-up throughout the home

  • Sweep and vacuum main areas, as needed 



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