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Moving can be hectic and stressful. No matter if you are moving across the street or across the country, there is just so much to handle. Why not share the load?

Moving Services

  metro’s other woman®  offers the following moving services:​

  • purging and downsizing

  • coordinating vendor services, including hiring movers, landscapers, and house cleaners

  • utility wait services

  • prepping for a move: inspecting property, lining shelves, wiping down surfaces

  • assisting with furniture placement | space planning | organization

Packing & Unpacking Services

Don't hire a moving company to pack and unpack. Hire metro’s other woman® .  We will take care of your valuables and prevent breakage by packing efficiently and carefully.

Before the Move: 

  • purchase packing supplies

  • prep house for packing / declutter 

  • pack essential areas: closets, bathrooms, kitchen

  • whole house packing is available.

*we work by room, so that unpacking is organized and concise


Move Day: 

  • transport alcohol and other valuables not going on moving truck 

  • meet movers to accept delivery 

  • unpack & set-up essentials (bathrooms, kitchen, beds, closets)

  • pantry & fridge set-up

After the Move: 

  • unpack non-essential items.
  • set-up garage and attics

Moving/Packing  is not covered within our monthly programs, but can be added for $40/hour



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