Game Changing Apps For Work Life Balance

Whether you are just getting started, or you are a seasoned professional, organization apps are a GAME CHANGER for a balanced work-life. Here are some ones we think you should try! Todoist - if you are the kind of person with a lot of projects on the go, and to-do lists coming out of your ears, then this is the app for you. A streamlined app that combines all of your tasks and helps you prioritize them! Timeful - does the day sometimes just slip away? While Timeful can’t add extra hours to your day, it can work out when you are the most productive for specific tasks and schedule your time accordingly. Artificial intelligence is phenomenal! Proofhub - the all-in-one project management solutio

5 Reasons To Make Your Bed Daily

We all have those days where we consider not making the bed. However, at Metro’s Other Woman®, we wholeheartedly believe that making the bed is one of the most essential steps to start your day right. From encouraging you to keep your bedroom tidy, increasing productivity, and helping with stress levels, a made bed is always a beautiful sight. 5 REASONS TO MAKE YOUR BED EVERYDAY - FROM THESPRUCE.COM 1.It Starts Your Day Off Right 2. It Encourages You to Keep the Rest of Your Room Tidy 3. It Leads to Better Productivity 4. It Lowers Your Stress and Improves Your Mood 5. It Just Looks and Feels Better No time to make your bed in the morning? Schedule an appointment with us, we've got you!

Self Care September

This month at MOW, it is #SelfCareSeptember, a concept that we take seriously.

Labor Day Cookout Recipes

Labor Day is upon us! Today we're sharing our DREAM Summer meal, everything from the appetizer to the dessert for you to recreate + enjoy with your friends and family. APPITIZER: MANGO SALSA Ingredients: ​1½ cups mango* cut into a large dice ½ cup strawberries cut into a large dice ½ cup avocados cut into a large dice ⅛ cup red onion minced 1 teaspoon garlic minced 1 red jalapeño seeded, deveined and minced 2 tablespoons cilantro slivered 2 limes juiced (about ¼ cup) 1 tablespoon honey Directions: 1. Mix all of the ingredients up to the cilantro in a medium size bowl. 2.Heat the lime juice and honey in the microwave in a microwave save bowl for 15 seconds and then whisk to combine. 3. After

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