Quick Superbowl Decor DIY

Superbowl is SO close! Today we're sharing 3 quick and easy decor DIY's to put a themed touch on your get together for the big game. TAILGATE COASTERS Supplies: Artificial Turf Scissors White Acrylic Paint Paint Brush Directions: 1. Cut turf into 4x4 squares. 2. Paint lines on yard-line's and numbers on each piece of turf. MASON JAR FOOTBALLS Supplies: Mason Jar White Vinyl Tape Directions: 1. Tape 1 line down middle of mason jar. 2. Tape 4 lines horizontally. FOOTBALL SNACK BAGS Supplies: Brown Paper Bags Vinyl Tape Directions: 1. Tape one line vertically down brown paper bag. 2. Tape four lines horizontally across vertical line. 3. Fill with yummy treats! We hope you have a fantastic Super

5 Apps to Ease Your Life

We love using technology to make our lives easier! Today we're sharing our current top 5 favorite apps that we use almost daily. 1. INSTACART Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to do your grocery shopping. Instacart is a serious life saver. Depending on your location, they offer several grocery stores for you to virtually shop and one of their employees will go get everything on your list and deliver straight to your door! LINK TO DOWNLOAD + receive $10 off 2. COZI A simple family organizer! With this app you can keep all your family events logged into a calendar. You can also keep + share your grocery list with everyone in your family! APPLE DOWNLOAD GOOGLE PLAY DOWNLOAD 3.

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