DIY Summer Floral Arrangement

Feel the Summer vibes with this citrus floral arrangement! Today we're sharing how to recreate this look for yourself! WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Two clear vases, sized so one fits inside the other Garden shears Fresh flowers Fruit of your choice (ie: lemons, grapefruits, limes, etc.) Water HOW TO: 1. Place the smaller vase inside the larger one. 2. Slice your lemons about 1/4 inch thick. The number of lemons you need depends on the size of your vases. 3. Place the lemon slices between the small vase and the large vase. Use a long skewer to move them around. 4. Pour fresh water into both vases. The lemons should be completely immersed. 5. Arrange flowers and herbs of your choice and voila! A beautifu

Make Your To-Do List Smarter!

To-do lists are a day-to-day essential for all of us with busy lives. On today's blog were sharing our top three tips to make a smarter to-do list! DIGITAL OR WRITE DOWN Deciding whether to create a to-do list digitally or writing it down is your own personal preference, as there are benefits to each. Research shows that writing a task down can make you more likely to achieve it. Digital lists are great to have because you can keep track of future months and years. Another benefit to digital lists is your ability to quickly add a task when you're on the go. DAY BY DAY Create your list one day at a time. Finish your work day by jotting down your next-day tasks. PRIORITIZE We love to put our t

Feng Shui The Bedroom

As busy, hardworking adults... We all crave a better nights rest. On today's blog were sharing a few simple rules of feng shui to create a positive flow in the bedroom and promote restful sleep. BED PLACEMENT 1. The top of your head should be near a solid wall. 2. Headboard flush against the wall. 3. Sleep with door closed or at the very least, open a few inches whenever laying in bed. 4. Choose a solid headboard. BEST FENG SHUI COLORS 1. Avoid primary colors on walls. 2. Keep decor & furniture in a neutral color. 3. If you need a pop, stick with a muted color on your bedding. NO MIRRORS Most of us prefer to have a mirror in the bedroom, but a feng shui bedroom should not have one. The reaso

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