Summer Party Planning Tips!

Party season is HERE! Graduations, summer cookouts, weddings, family reunions - you name it, spring and summer are filled with celebrations. Today on the blog we are sharing our favorite tips to make your party a smashing success. PLAN SLOWLY Don't wait until last minute to complete all your party plans. Do all your core planning a few months early and over the course of a few days. Spend one day planning your menu and another planning decor. GUEST LISTS & INVITES By now, you have an idea of how large or intimate this gathering will be. When deciding who you plan to invite, create a list of everyone you are considering for the guest list. Depending on how many guests you plan to have, narr

Packing for a Move?

HealthStatus names moving #3 out of 5 of the most stressful situations. It causes a major disruption in your routine and packing is no simple task. You never realize how much "stuff" you have until you start putting it all into boxes. Not to mention, you have to be extra careful to pack everything away safely so the movers don't break anything! USE THE RIGHT SIZE BOXES Put heavy items, like books, in small boxes and lighter items, like linens in larger boxes. NO EMPTY SPACES Fill your boxes.Fill them with clothing, towels or packing paper. This helps protect items from shifting and breaking during the move. TAPE BOXES TIGHTLY Tape all open sides of the box and layer to reinforce heavier boxe

Easter Napkin DIY

Easter is around the corner and it's time to start planning your Sunday to spend with all your loved ones! If you're planning on sitting down for a meal, we have an adorable & easy DIY for you! BUNNY EAR NAPKIN DIY Supplies: Cloth Napkins Twine Fake Eggs Optional: Baby's Breath Sharpie STEP ONE: Fold the napkin in half, creating a triangle. STEP TWO: Starting from the top of the triangle, roll up. STEP THREE: Fold the rolled napkin in half and tie together to secure with twine. STEP FOUR: Place the egg in the bottom of the napkin under the twine. OPTIONAL: Using the sharpie, you can either write your guests name on the egg or draw a cute face. Place the baby's breath in the twine. Place your

Moving Soon?

Moving day... Such a daunting day. Its’s one we all dread. What might be even worse than moving day itself, is all the days leading up to it... Planning, packing & living in complete chaos. Even after the move is over - there is still a laundry list of things to do! We have one solution for you, hire metro's other woman®. We're here to coordinate the chaos and make your move a breeze. Check out all the things we can take off your plate! BEFORE MOVING DAY PACKING True story. We can do all the packing for you! We know - this is a BIG game changer. We can do as little, or as much as you need! We'll safely wrap all your delicate items & get you 100% ready to go by moving day! SCHEDULING MOVERS F

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