Ashley Jones Pantry Project!

As you may have seen on our instagram stories last month, we had the pleasure of flying out to LA to do a project for Ashley Jones. You may recognize her from her role as Bridget on your fave soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. We are so excited to finally share the deets! Ashley, her hubby Joel and their sweet little guy, Hayden were ready for some organization help around the house. For our first trip to visit these sweet clients, we focused on a full pantry organization and a master closet refresh (which we will share more details with later)! IN THE PANTRY BEFORE The first step to any big organization project is purging! We had ashley and Joel complete this step before we arrived. We

How to have a Productive Monday!

Mondays don't have to suck! I know, Mondays have the reputation to being pretty sucky... There's never enough coffee to get you through the major to-do list you've got for the week. BUT! It doesn't have to be the worst day of the week... Gulp down that venti vanilla latte with 3 extra shots and buckle down on these 5 tips. Make Monday the most productive day of the week! 1. Make a list. Make a to-do list of EVERYTHING you need to get done throughout this week. When making this list, if you group similar items together and do that chuck of items at the same time, it will increase your productivity. 2. First thing Monday morning, get one thing done IMMEDIATELY! If you start off your morning by

Closet Organization! Are you ready for it?

It never hurts to do a little refresh or a complete reorganization on your closet from time to time! Taylor, our organization expert is here to help you along the way! Organizing your closet is no small task. Following along with these tips will definitely make it a little easier on you. Are you ready for it? *Cue "Are you ready for it" by Taylor Swift* Start with a blank slate Remove EVERYTHING from your closet. Starting with a blank slate will help to start fresh with a completely new system. This will also help you in the purging step. Purge Look at everything and decide if you love/need each item. Keep in mind when the last time you wore or used everything. If it's been 3+ months, then i

Declutter your Kitchen!

Do you find yourself wishing you had more counter space and room in your drawers? Fear no more! We have 7 things that you should throw out RIGHT NOW to declutter that kitchen! 1. Appliances or gadgets you haven't used in the last 2 years. If you haven't used that fancy ice cream maker or veggie spiralizer in 2 years or more, toss it! Chances are if it's been that long, you probably don't need it! 2. Anything Expired! No need to justify this one... If it's expired, get it out of your house! 3. Fancy China If you have fancy China (that isn't sentimental, of course) that you pull out MAYBE once a year, why let it collect dust and take up valuable space. If you don't want to get rid of this stuf

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