Getting to know Jana, personal assistant in Scottsdale, AZ!

Jana is one of our dynamic assistants working in the Phoenix/Scottsdale location. Jana grew up in Iowa, but moved to Phoenix with her husband in 1997. Jana is a superstar mom. While she only has 3 biological babies, she has raised 13 children in her life! In her free time, she coaches a high school cheer squad and upcycles old furniture. When Jana is not living one of her many passions you can find her curled up on the couch, watching reruns of Dick Van Dyke, and eating pizza. We were lucky enough to add Jana to our team of assistants about 5 months ago. She says her favorite service to provide for her clients is grocery shopping and running miscellaneous errands. She also LOVES to do laundr

Summertime Packing Tips!

It's time for those sweet Summertime getaways! Whether you're heading to the beach for a quick weekend trip or to another country for a week long excursion, you're probably dreading one thing you have to do before you leave... Packing! First there's the panicking thought, "how on earth do I fit all of this in that one little bag?!" Then there's the realization that there is NO way your suitcase is going to close and you have to take everything out, reevaluate your itinerary & hope that when you rearrange everything, it will fit. Oh, not to mention those pesky weight limits the airlines enforce! Well, fear no more... You're favorite lifestyle expert and founder of metro's other woman®, Sarah

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