meal prepping

Do you feel like a huge portion of your time is spent making meals, or figuring out solutions for quick meals? Or maybe you are getting ready for bathing suit season? Here are four steps to help you get healthy and save time by meal prepping! We all know that cooking can be an all-consuming thing that takes away valuable time. We want to help you take back your time and energy and achieve your goals by giving you some keys to successfully meal prepping! Why do people meal prep, you might ask? People prep for many benefits including; eating healthy, portion control, weight loss, achieving fitness goals, saving money, and convenience. Whatever reason you may have for meal prepping, we want to

5 happy habits to ensure a more relaxed life

Feeling stressed out? Here are five tips to help keep you relaxed and maintain good work life balance! It’s so easy to get caught up in the flow of accomplishing tasks and getting things done. While constantly being productive is good, it’s important to have a good work life balance, so you can relax, too. We here at metro’s other woman® are big on having a healthy balance of success and fun in our lives. It’s important to work hard, but also equally as important to play hard. We want to provide you with 5 habits that will increase your quality of life. These 5 habits are things that each of our staff and most successful people implement into their lives. Here they are: Schedule time for rel

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