tips for making your week chic

We have come up with 5 easy tips to make your week chic and stress free! Check them out... Tips for making your week chic In all of the chaos and confusion of the world, it can be easy to drop the ball and come unraveled. Our goal is to keep things as classy, chic and relaxed as possible. We love helping people accomplish this by practicing what we preach on a daily basis. There are lots of things that could help you stay chic, but we think these 5 steps will easily help you have one of the best weeks of your life. Here they are… 1. Look fabulous Plan all of your outfits for the week throughout the weekend, and you will be sure to dazzle with your amazing wardrobe the following week. 2. Stay

5 things to do tonight for a better tomorrow

If your mornings are hectic and rushed, don't worry! Here are 5 tips we are sharing with you to give your mornings ease. Follow these tips and your anxiety filled mornings will soon disappear! 5 Things to do tonight for a better tomorrow We here at Metro’s Other Woman® love finding tips and tricks for making life easier, more organized and less stressful. Most of us have very busy, limited mornings. Starting your day off in a rushed and hectic way can set a bad tone for the rest of the day. We want to share 5 things that you can do tonight, in 20 minutes or less, that will make tomorrow morning run smoothly. 1) Quick tidy up throughout the house Now, this doesn’t have to be a full house clea

tackling your to-do list

Having trouble accomplishing everything on your to-do list, or even deciding what needs to go on it? Here are our 5 tips from us on tackling your to do list! The “to-do” list: something we can ALL relate to, especially women. Whether you have ideas and reminders floating around in your head, or a long list of things you need to achieve written down on paper, we all understand ‘this never-ending list of things’ that must be completed on a daily basis. As personal assistants, our job requires us to keep things in order. We are hoping that we can offer you some good advice on tackling your to-do list. Here are 5 easy tips… 1) Write it down Whatever you need to accomplish for the day, week, or m

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