Bracing yourself for the upcoming school year

Don't let the mayhem of back-to-school season create havoc and stress in your life! Follow these four tips and tricks to keep everything easy and organized as your kids make their way back to school! Can you believe that summer is already wrapping up and coming to an end?! Neither can we! We want to help you make the process of sending your kids back to school as easy as possible. To help you avoid the potential mayhem that often drags along with back-to-school time, we have come up with four tips and tricks to help make it a breeze. 1) Make a “Command Center” Create one for each child. A command center includes a hook for their backpack, a calendar, a to-do list for each day of the week, a

how to fold a fitted sheet

As most of us know, folding a fitted sheet can seem almost impossible. Well...the impossible has just become possible! If you follow these steps, you can become a fitted-sheet folding pro! As most of us know, folding a fitted sheet can seem almost impossible. We know that most of you, have at one point or another, just wrapped the sheet up in a ball, and thrown it into the linen closet because you became so frustrated with the corners not meeting up, or the bumps never flattening out. We can relate, considering myself, Ellie, had never dreamed of being able to fold a fitted sheet, until I followed the following steps. The impossible is about to become possible! If you walk through these step

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